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The visual distinction of a great room is realized when color, pattern and design are dramatic without one single effect dominating the space. Subtleties of design should be both interesting and harmonious, and not overwhelming. Mary beautifully conveys this throughout her work, with the highest quality of skill and integrity. She offers today’s cutting edge designs as well as original concepts by incorporating custom painted fabric looks, textures and finishes.


This year is ripe and fresh, ready to be filled with ideas and creativity - what will you fill this year with? What concepts? What dreams? What hopes and desires?

- Could pattern be arranged to have a dialogue with art pieces?

Ideas for us to experiment with:


- what colors? …where and in what? 

- What textures are in the home?

- Where does the light bounce or reflect in your space and how could you use it or 'play' with it? What could hang in the window or shafts of light?


- Could you have multiples of things? If so, what?

Try Sophisticated Metallics

 - Where and how could you curate your own family's creative space within?

- What do you see when you sit down somewhere? Could you see that space differently? Creating more of an oasis, a sacred space? How can you do something consciously with the space so you and others will feel inspired and connected?


- What about reflections and materials to use? How could they relate or 'speak' to other materials?


I hope this year is great for you, full of creativity and inspiration

...and I aim to help you with that.


Remodeling and Home Design

Thank you to all those whovoted!

Selecting paint color should be fun and inspiring.

For many however, it can become an overwhelming task. There are thousands of colors, different sheens, textures and brands to choose from. Not only will Mary help you select your paint color, you will also learn some techniques to help you feel confident and inspired in your selections.

Custom Mural and Decorative Finish Consultations:

Fine Art Murals
Tromp l’oeil
Wallpaper Looks
Metallic Effects
Old World Finishes
Venetian Plaster
Fresco and Stone
Authentic Distressing