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Serenity, 2010  

Original Oil Painting  24”x36”


-With Wooden frame

-Plus shipping and handling

$ 2400.00 USD

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The Basket Series, 2014

Original Acrylic Painting 11”x14”

$475. each  

$2,200 for the set of five.

-Plus shipping and handling

"Thanks Mary, Megan said it looks amazing,  you do amazing work!    ~Adam

"Thank you again for your help.  We love our portrait and think that you do wonders.  What better way to remember an amazing dog than with your awesome painting." ~Joe

How To Begin Your Commissioned Pet Portraits 


To begin your order, first email or call me your contact information, and an indication of what size painting you are interested in as well as any time restraints you may have. Please keep in mind that the process may take 2-3 months. You may also send a “few” of your favorite photos at that time. I will then contact you with a phone call so we can discuss the details. After we have discussed your portrait, you may send me a final selection of photographs via e-mail or U.S. mail.   To move forward on the project I will need to receive a 50% deposit. Shortly after that, I will send an e-mail with an attachment of the rough sketch for your approval. After your approval I will begin the actual painting process.  


The better the photo you provide, the better the completed portrait will be. I find that people often take snapshots looking downward at their pets. This presents an un-natural looking angle, and sometimes causes an awkward foreshortening of the pet's body proportions. If you can, kneel down; get yourself on your pet's level, or as close to it as you can. It makes for a much more appealing perspective and ultimately results in a much better painted portrait.  

Approval of Completed Portrait:

Upon completion of the portrait I will send a proof of the finished painting to you via e-mail. At that time, after receiving your final approval of the portrait, the balance and shipping charges are due. 


The prices marked below are for one focal image if you would like more than one animal or a person in the painting the coast will reflect the additional time required. This will be agreed upon before we start the painting.


The length of time to complete a portrait varies depending upon the background, size, and the basic creative process. I will always try to accommodate your requests for special completion dates, as portraits are often purchased as gifts. You will e-mail/mail me the photographs and send a 5o% deposit. I will e-mail you a rough sketch. Upon your approval of the sketch I will begin the portrait. I will e-mail you a proof of the finished portrait for your approval. Upon receipt of the balance, I will mail you the completed portrait and return any photos.    


Shipping varies, as it is dependent upon the zone in which you live. I use UPS or US Priority mail. The package will be insured. 


I stand behind the quality of my work. When the final proof of the portrait is e-mailed to you for your approval, I will happily make any needed adjustments before it is shipped.


Each portrait is very personal for both the client and the artist. As the artist, I will retain full reproduction copyright on each portrait. Contact Information: Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at or by phone at (484) 318-9309 

Prices: (Shipping not Included)    

8 x 8     …….. $225

11 x 14 …….. $275

12 x 16 …….. $350

8 x 8 Painting

$ 225 USD


11 x 14 Painting

$ 275 USD


8 x 8 Painting Deposit

$ 112.50 USD


11 x 14 Painting Deposit

$ 137.50 USD


Artist Statement

“As an artist I express myself in many mediums but my favorite is painting canvases.  In all my work you will notice a common thread: a celebration of the natural world touched by the divine. My passion for natural landscapes stems from the joy and spiritual connection I feel when I am out in nature. In my most recent group of paintings I have tried to show the infusion of spirit in the natural world by showing light streaming through a forest floor or heavenly sunlight breaking through the clouds. You may even see an angel or two as you examine my pieces. It is my way of expressing the perfect balance and harmony between earth and sky, or of man’s earthly expression of his essential soul.

Another aspect of my work is that it is a reflection of my life at the moment - changing and evolving but always telling a story. In my recent collection, The Basket Series, I invite the viewers to discover the story for themselves. Each landscape finds a basket left behind. “Who left it there? Where is the basket’s owner and what is he or she doing?” you may ask. Of course each of us will find our own perfect story.

My hope is that through my work, people will long to return to nature and remember the wonder, connection and peace we felt as children.”



Mary has been working as an accomplished fine arts painter, decorative artist, and color specialist for twenty years. She has studied various painting styles and Color Theory at The Art Students League in NUC, NYU and Tyler School of Art and understudied with Robert Suferd (landscape artist). Her creative talents range from canvas paintings, installation art, fine art murals and tromp l’oeil. She has a fresh vibrancy to her work, which can range from captivating realism to surrealism to the abstract. Her pieces carry a meaningful heart presence, a story, elegance and Mary’s whimsical magic.

Pet portraits are a wonderful way to commemorate the special bond we have with our furry friends.

My fine art pet portraits will capture your special animal companion’s unique personality and likeness in an oil painting that will last a lifetime. These paintings create a lasting memory of the joy you have with your pet. I portray not only your pet’s physical appearance but also capture the essence and spirit that you love so much. The portraits I paint are always done from the photos you send me. They are painted on stretched canvas in a very realistic style that will reflect your pet accurately. When completed I send it to you unframed as I think the frame for your portrait is a individual choice.