Kind Words

“Mary is Fabulous! Extremely creative, talented, and a pleasure to work with! I recommend her to all of my clients!”

-Lee S Evans, IDS Interior Designer

“Mary Zimmerman has worked for several of my clients, as well as done work in my own home. Her creative and artistic skills surpass outstanding! Her work for me has included: a gilded, strie ceiling; an antique wash over an existing paint job; Venetian plaster; a sky ceiling; a customized antique wash; a breathtaking mural of the Tuscan countryside; refinishing moldings to match cabinetry; and refinishing a metal shelf to an oil-rubbed-bronze finish.

In addition to her artistic talent, Mary has a very professional demeanor, listens carefully to the client’s wishes, completes her work in a timely fashion and is thoroughly delightful to work with. I would highly recommend her services.”

-Anne Marie Cangin, Interior Designer

“After 30 years in this business I had yet to see any faux painting I felt good about recommending…that is until I saw Mary’s work. Her sense of color and balance are one of a kind. She has made a convert out of me. There is nothing faux about it, Mary is an original artist.” 

-Terry Ponton, Interior Designer

“I have worked with Mary Zimmerman on three different projects, all of which turned out unique and beautiful. Mary’s ability to understand what I wanted, and ability to create great designs demonstrates her exceptional artistic talent. 

The first project was the kitchen, which has been transformed as a result of the Venetian plaster design. 

Next, Mary did the wine room, which truly is a work of art. Everyone is amazed that the walls are not antique brick and mortar. They are even more amazed that the brick continues on the ceiling as well. Mary’s painstaking eye to detail is amazing. 

The latest project Mary did was to turn our master bedroom suite and bath into another work of art, which is creative and quite beautiful.

In addition to being talented, Mary is a pleasure to work, and is very dependable and reliable. We’re already working on ideas for a forth project and I know it will not be our last.” 

 -Carol & Dan DuPont

“Mary painted a cityscape of the view into the park just outside our window that blew us away! She incorporated our family and friends and even us gardening in our plots. It surpassed our expectations and we absolutely love it.”

-Richard & Krista Pinolla

“Prior to our working with Mary, we were completely overwhelmed by the process of choosing color for our standard all-white walls. We spent hours poring over design books and magazines - - which only confused us more! We were approaching color from a totally aesthetic perspective, and getting nowhere. Finally, we had our consultation with Mary and she gave us the opportunity to experience color from the inside out.


Mary has highly developed intuitive abilities to choose color based on each of our individual needs; she just seemed to know which colors would make us tick. We were introduced to bold, rich, vibrant colors that we would never have chosen on our own, fearing that they might have been too intense.


We took a leap of faith with Mary and will forever be grateful to her for helping us transform our home into an oasis of beauty, sensuality, creativity, and nurturing energy for our spirits.”

-Adrleana & Chris, Actress

“I didn't realize how small my world had gotten... I could never go back to white walls...”

-Al Buonanno

 “Dearest Mary,

Thank you for bringing such beauty, balance, harmony, happiness and elegance into our home. We feel that you have been an integral part of our process in our getting ready and feeling prepared for our little baby to be welcomed into our lives and our home, with an abundance of love -- which you have brought with you as well.

When you walk into the baby's room, you feel as if someone is embracing and hugging you with their arms -- with their whole being. Thank you, Mary, for putting so much of yourself and your love into the work.”

-Katherine & Jerry Cohen 

“We owned our house about five years before we thought about painting it. It was all white with a gray trim -- not very exciting. Both my husband and I worked long hours and we weren't home much. Finally, we decided to take the plunge. We called Mary to do a color consultation. I knew Mary's reputation and was very excited that she was going to be working with us. When she arrived, we spent a lot of time looking at and discussing different colors. Mary got a good sense from both of us as to what colors we didn't like, and those we were naturally drawn to. Then we walked through the house, room by room, with Mary guiding our discussion and choices. Sometimes, for example, a color that we thought we didn't want was exactly what was needed! Then we looked at a lot of different color combinations. Some rooms were easy, and others took more time. In the end, we were really happy and excited about what we had decided.

Then came the process of painting. We broke up the job into different weeks, staggered over a two-month period of time. The first week, we were out of town, which was convenient for Mary. However, it also meant that we didn't see anything in progress and arrived home to see half of the house utterly transformed! It was amazing how different it seemed. The energy and vitality of the house was so much higher.

Before, all the rooms had seemed very much alike. Now each room had an individual personality. The bedroom was sensuous, the dining room vibrant and warm, and the study a place that felt expansive and creative. The most striking thing was the contrast between the painted rooms and those that were still white. When you walked into the white rooms, you could literally feel the energy drop -- it was so still and lifeless. By contrast, the other rooms seemed lit up, welcoming and fun. Living for several weeks in two different worlds was eye-opening and really demonstrated the power of color to transform a space.

Instead of feeling dark and unwelcoming, they were open and inviting.  Overall, the house went through an amazing transformation. Now it's hard to even remember how it looked or felt before. I can't believe we waited five years to paint; the results have been so dramatic and positive. Now we are living in an environment that is supporting who we are and what we want to do.”

-Jazen & David