Welcome to MEZdesigns

The intention of my work is to bring creative beauty into your home and life. As an artist and designer, I specialize in using color to reflect your artistic values by incorporating the use of color psychology and fundamental feng shui principals. I creat custom multi-layered finishes that are hand made and guaranteed one of a kind, using patterns and colors created to fit your design needs. My designs can serve as an independent focal point or as an elegant background for your fine furnishings, art collections, and antiques. I will introduce color, texture and creative finishes to produce the ambiance that you desire. From start to finish, I provide an unparalleled attention to detail.

About Mary

Mary is an accomplished fine arts painter, decorative artist, designer and color specialist for twenty years. She has studied various painting styles and color theory. Her creative talents range from canvas paintings, painted furnishings, fine art murals and tromp l’oeil.

Mary has a fresh vibrancy to her work, which can range from captivating realism to abstract design. Her artwork seems to carry a meaningful heartfelt presence, a story, an elegance, and fun whimsical magic.     

She also has over fifteen years experience as a proficient feng shui interior designer. Throughout all her work she applies color and design with a discerning and intuitive eye using the art and science of color to create environments rich with personality, inspiration and balance. She has also lead demonstrations and lectured on decorative finishes. She has published articles on the subject of decorating the home with the intentional use of color psychology, and the human response to color.     

Mary E. Zimmerman offers full service painting with a wide variety of traditional paint products as well as low VOC and non-toxic materials, milk paint and full spectrum paint. See the “Services” page for more information.

I invite you to open your world to color...

See it,

feel it,

drink it in,

allow it to move you,

inspire and caress you,

titillate all your senses,

grounding you with its abundance,

as you dance in its expansiveness.

Love it, for its magic dwells in you!


-Mary E. Zimmerman